One word, so much pressure?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks a lot of pressure surrounds the word, should..
But seriously how can one word add so much pressure to every day life?
I think when we leave school the word should has so much more pressure on us..
Whether it is just because we are more aware of it, who knows?!
The word should really makes me think that life actually goes according to a plan,
believe you me not one single persons life goes to plan.
Yes, people might make plans but how often can they say that the life plan they created went right & ended exactly how they planned/thought it would?..
I think so many people make remarks involving the word should without actually thinking how much it might affect the person they are speaking to or making the remark about.
I have heard the word so much it doesn't make things any easier, trust me.
I'm going to list a few examples..
- You should be happy.
- You should be out with your friends.
- You should be in full time work.
- You should be out enjoying yourself.
- You should be care free.
- You should be learning to drive.
- You're so young, you should be fine.
If any of you reading this feels the word should puts so much pressure on you to live your life a certain way feel free to leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!
Like always I love browsing through weheartit
& I found a quote which does fit in to the subject..
Image found on weheartit
In a way I think this quote completely fits in with the whole should situation.
Basically the point I'm making is that not only should we just say
 what we think & want to say, not say what we think we should say.
But we should also do exactly what we want to do in our lives,
not what we think we should be doing...
Let's be honest, does life come with a manual on how everything should happen?..
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!
- Anna


  1. like it a lot banana :) x

  2. I decided to follow your blogs because you talk about actual relevant stuff that happens to most of us girls :)Really good work btw. I'm excited as well to see what you have in store for the 30 day snap cahllenge :)

    Michaela x

    1. Thank you Michaela! :) means a lot, glad you enjoyed it! X

  3. I complately agree :) It's not always as easy as saying 'You SHOULD be doing something' sometimes it's easier said than done. xo

    Holly |

    1. Exactly, I'm glad you agree! :) but seriously how can one word add so much more pressure :/ xx