Enjoy the little things in life..

After a very busy Monday to Friday it felt like everything was getting a little bit too much. By Friday I was pooped & feeling pretty down too, so I thought what should I do? So I got on the phone to my friend Jess, we are brought together by anxiety, one good thing & possibly the only good thing to come out of anxiety is it brings you together with other sufferers & you can create new friendships.
So after feeling my mood being lifted a little by Jess, I woke up Saturday morning feeling the need to relax & enjoy myself. I think it's really important to take time out & enjoy the little things in life..after all the best things in life are free (yes, I'm well aware that sounded really cheesy)! Such as taking a walk in the countryside, which is exactly how I spent an hour of my Saturday.
It was a lovely day, the sun was shining & it was nice & cool. So I thought what better way to spend some of it than going out & getting some fresh air, because fresh air really does do you the world of good! So off went me & my little puppy friend Pudding.I took my phone so I could snap some photos of the beautiful scenery (find a few of those at the end of this post).
 Saturday night soon rolled in & my parents were off to see Olly Murs live but luckily I didn't have to spend it alone,I got to spend some time with the family on my street who are literally like my second family, which was brilliant & I am so grateful for them! If they weren't around I think I would be so much worse, I know if I need a distraction I can just go up there!
So instead of always sitting staring at your mobile phone,televisions,computer screens,iPad screen...whatever kind of screen,take some time out away from staring at them, have a break & enjoy the world beyond screens.
- Anna ♥


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