Positive thinking the way forward?

After this week I have had a thought going round my head....Is positivite thinking the way forward to a healthier & happier lifestyle? I do know a lot of you will struggle to see the positive side of things sometimes. Changing your way of thinking unfortunately doesn't just happen overnight, oh wouldn't it be lovely if it did!
 Your positive thoughts won't only just help you, they will give off positive vibes to others around you. I know when I've been round a positive upbeat person even just for a few minutes, it automatically boosts my mood & changes my outlook on things.
 I took to one of my favourite places (weheartit) to get some quotes & images for this post. As you'll be able to tell I found a few & just couldn't pick a favourite one so find them all at the end of this post. One that did stand out to me was "focus on the solution, not the problem".
I think this one is fantastic! Instead of just thinking negative about what could go wrong or get worse with the situation you're in, just think about a solution to either make the problem that much easier or to solve it all together.  I do feel everyone should try & give the positive thinking a go, it is definitely worth giving it your best effort to achieve it! Only you can change your life, so it's down to you..I do believe you can all do it!
- Anna ♥




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