Fearing the unknown..

What are you supposed to do when you fear the unknown? Unfortunately fearing the unknown sometimes plays a huge part in anxiety. How are we supposed to conquer a fear when you can't actually see it? Some fears are obviously visible & others just aren't. Obviously you can eventually overcome a visible fear, such as a fear of dogs, cats, spiders, heights, water..but how are you supposed to overcome a fear you just can't see?
A fear that you actually have no control over.
 A fear that is controlling your life & way of living.
 I've heard of people having a fear of getting old, well nothing can be done about that. Nobody is getting younger or staying young, we can't all become Peter Pan (wouldn't that be lovely if we could). A lot of people have a fear of dying, unfortunately that is part of life. Others may fear illnesses such as cancer, sadly we don't have a say in that either.
I know I won't be the only one having a fear of being alone. Mental health sufferer or not, nobody wants to be alone.
My main fear at the minute is throwing up in public (some people will be reading that, like what the hell?!).. I haven't always had this fear. I think it's developed into a fear because my main anxiety symptom seems to be feeling sick. I know I'm struggling to come to terms that feeling sick doesn't mean I'm going to just throw up everywhere. I'm not going to make out that I'm doing really well at the minute with this, because I am struggling to leave the house some days.
I suppose you can say I still haven't come to grasps with the fact that feeling sick can just be anxiety & worry. Even when in your mind you're not worried, your body can sometimes feel differently. Life events might trigger the feelings & symptoms without you actually being aware. I hadn't actually experienced worry up until I was about 17/18. Either that or I actually had but just didn't have time to stop & think about it because I was too busy enjoying life. (I really want to get back to that point soooooo bad!)
The questions I keep asking myself are why am I suddenly worrying about this? Am I the only one? But I do know I'm not alone in this because of the amount of people who have approached me on Twitter. I love hearing from you guys so feel free to leave me a comment or send me a tweet!
Things will get better with baby steps. Yes, it's hard to accept but slowly & surely with the support of my family, family friends, cyber friends & my fantastic doctor I will beat this!
- Anna ♥
P.s. my new goal in life is to..
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