Let's begin..

I genuinely don’t know how to start this blog..so instead I’ll just start off with my first post..which is going to be about a pretty big part in my life right now,probably because I have nothing else to focus on..& that thing is anxiety..

 I’m certain that I’m not alone in suffering with anxiety but does that really make it any easier for me to understand? The answer would be no..I have been suffering since I was about 17,so pretty much since I left school..
I feel leaving school is a time in your life when you realise who your friends are,what people are really like & what the big wide world is like..
School is meant to teach you alot,but it doesn’t really teach you or prepare you for the main things that your going to face once you leave school.
 Nothing about driving,finance & defiantly nothing about mental health.
Until I was told I was suffering with anxiety I genuinely didn’t know there was such a thing.. I still don’t fully understand it now if I’m honest with you.I wake up in a morning feeling sick, most of the day I spend feeling sick & then I end the day going to bed feeling a little less sick, but I know as soon as I wake up in the morning the cycle will start again..

 I have recently got to the point where I don’t want to leave the house as much because what if I’m sick..One thing I do know about anxiety is that you have alot of “what ifs” running through your mind..
- Anna ♥

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