Life is just like a rollercoaster ride..

Recently I have been thinking to myself how life is very much like a rollercoaster ride & sometimes it actually leaves you with the same feelings....feeling like your about to throw up, like your head is spinning & about to fall off, like your heart is going so fast it could jump out of your chest at any minute, wibbly wobbly jelly legs like you are going to fall over..I'm sure your all aware of those feelings.
But what do you when one minute your in high speed zooming up to the top of the steep hill & then you just stop. Run out of power, don't know which way to go or don't know what is your best next move. I'm pretty sure we have all felt like this at some time or other, but how do we get the rollercoaster ride of life back up & running again?
 I'm still actually trying to figure it out at the minute so as soon as I know, I'll get back to you..but in the meantime if anyone else has any tips feel free to throw them my way! Of course I couldn't end my post without a little image, so this one is a little wooden hanging quote that a twitter friend of mine bought & I just loved it,so she took a photo so I could use it on instagram & now it's on my blog..Thank you Alice!
- Anna ♥

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