Lifting your mood..

I'm going to focus this blog post on lifting moods, what helps lift your mood & gives you a bit of a pick me up on a bad day? When all seems to be going wrong with your day, it's hammering it down with rain, the clouds are as miserable as sin & its soooo will all know exactly what kind of days I mean..when you just feel like curling up under your duvet cover & not coming back out until Summer. But what do you do when that isn't an option?
Everyone will have so many different ways of lifting their mood, whether it be turning to family & friends to cheer them up. But what about when you just want to be alone or maybe nobody is actually around. Unfortunately some people don't have anyone around. So they might turn to a favourite magazine, have a read of a book by an author they love, put on the TV & find a classic programme that never gets old (Friends, never fails to make me laugh) , put on a comedy film or stand up DVD, have a nice soak in the bath, paint their nails, do some baking, do some crafts, have a nice cup of tea or listen to some music. I go by the phrase "headphones in, world out". So I mainly turn to music, usually my iPod. Maybe you could all create a happy playlist/CD, I'm definitely going to be creating a happy upbeat playlist for my iPod. I know one song that will be going in that playlist will be One Direction's cover of one way or another (teenage kicks) I absolutely LOVE the song..whenever it comes on the radio I can't help but let out a smile & then just sing away to it & full on dance when nobody is around (sssshhh,that can be our little secret)! On the way home today it came on, on the radio & both me & mum burst into song! So whatever your age, gotta admit we all love a bit of One Direction!
I guess really this isn't much of an anxiety related post cos we all feel down, mental illness or not. Apparently music is good for your mental health too. So get singing away.."Sing like nobody's listening" & while you're at it why not, "Dance like nobody's watching". Got to admit we all love a boogie!
- Anna ♥

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