You've got a friend in me..

Most people who suffer with their mental health will probably feel that their friends aren't there to support them. Some might class it as ignorance because they just aren't interested. Others might class them as being unaware/uneducated. I can honestly say before I started suffering with anxiety & panic attacks I didn't have a clue such a thing even existed.
 So it is safe to say I was unaware & not educated on the topic.
Mental health is such a wide category. Covering illnesses such as anxiety, eating disorders, depression, bipolar..the list goes on. It is such a large category but yet there is such a stigma surrounding it. I have learnt that having a supportive bunch of family & friends around me really helps, no matter the distance. I have a few friends who mental health has united me with..see a few good things do blossom from the bad times & things in life.
To be honest if it wasn't for these girls I'd of lost the plot & gone crazyyyy a longgg time ago....okay, a little more crazier than I am.
I'm going to share some of my tips on how to help & support your friend/family member/partner who is suffering.
- Be there for them..Nobody deserves to feel or be alone. Just let them know you are there for them. Wether that be just listening to them, keeping them company or offering support & advice.
- Don't treat them any differently..They don't want you to treat them like they are weird & have just grown two heads and ten sets of eyes. They are the same person beneath it all.
- Keep in touch..Wether it be a phone call, text message, email, letter or meeting up. A friendly voice/face always makes everything better.
- Take an interest..If you are unsure about what they are going through don't be scared to ask them. We will be able to break the stigma!
Let's get breaking the stigma, little by little! Help & support one another & this scary place called earth will be more manageable.
- Anna ♥

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