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Fear is something everyone experiences,some more than others.
But what do you do when fear appears to be taking over your life?
 At the minute that seems to be happening to me.
I currently have two fears slightly affecting me at the minute.
Some people will fully understand where I'm coming from, others will just think I'm absolutely crackers. But to be honest I'm past caring what people think!
So my two fears actually go hand in hand together.
I have a fear of throwing up away from home & not being able to get back home without embarrassing myself.  I think this fear has developed with my almost constant nausea feeling.
 My second fear is breaking down, as in breaking down in the car or on the bus.
So I understand my fears but how am I meant to overcome them?
 Lets be honest how often do you see someone being sick in public or actually see a vehicle broken down, the answer to both is extremely rare!
- Anna ♥

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