I wish I knew then what I know now..

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Of course we would all love to go back in time &
change things based on what we actually know now..
Unfortunately that can't happen so I thought I'd do a post about it
& maybe change other peoples thoughts about life maybe, I don't know..
- People will come & go out of your life.. I believe those who are meant to stay & be a part of your life will make every effort to make sure they do stay. Others clearly won't & that is their loss. Don't loose sleep about it or shed any tears, just focus on those who are still with you.
- Be true to yourself.. Don't feel you have to blend in with the crowd & do what everyone else is doing. We were all born to be unique & different so maybe we should keep it that way.
- Mums really do know best.. Let's be honest, if you are in your teens now you will be reading this & thinking, yeah right..as if my mum does know best, she's just trying to ruin my life.. trust me, you will soon realise how right this point is, we have all been there & thought it I'm sure.. If you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s...whatever age you will know exactly how true this is.
- There will always be someone worse of than you.. No matter what situation you are in I always think there is someone, somewhere in the world in a worse situation than you. Obviously it won't feel like it, that is normal. Without a doubt they would swap places with you in a flash.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it!
- Anna


  1. I LOVE this post. I honestly would love to go back in time, but every single thing i have done, every person i have met, has made me part of the person who i am today. Without failure i would not know what it feels like to succeed.

    Beautiful post.


    1. Thank you Siobhan, I completely agree with you :)
      Our past forms us into the people we are today!

  2. I love your posts like this! Keep up the good work Honey!



    1. Thank you Rachael, I'm glad your enjoying reading my blog! :)