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I absolutely love this saying..
Let's be honest we wasn't brought into this world to be a copy of somebody else. We were brought into this world to be unique,independent & our own person.
Far too many people in this world get picked on or singled out for being different. Whether it be for studying hard & wanting to do well at school, wearing something that isn't "in fashion", hanging out & making friends with the new kid at school or having a mental illness.
 Having a mental illness isn't easy for anyone & it certainly doesn't get made easier when people judge you for it. Remember a mental illness is only a small part of who someone is
. You know the boy or girl you've been friends with most of your life, just because they have suddenly been hit by a mental illness doesn't mean they aren't the same person.
Believe it or not, they are the same & they want to be treated the same.
 Would you treat them any different if they hadn't mentioned they had a mental illness?
I think most of you would answer that as no.
Turn the cards around, just imagine for a second that you have been told you have a mental illness, how would you want your friends & loved ones to react?
Would you want them to run a mile or would you like them to stick around & help you on the road to recovery? I know which one most of you will pick..
- Anna ♥

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