When it rains, it pours..

Life still goes on when the heavens open & we get a down pour of rain.
 Last weekend I did a post about enjoying the little things in life & I think we should all still go by this even when the weather isn't brilliant & we don't really feel like it.
Last Saturday was glorious sunshine but still cool & breezy so it is safe to say this Saturday was the complete opposite, it rained for most of the day & was just grey & miserable.
But I thought if I'm going to stick to my regular 30 minute walk a day to improve my mental health I'm going to have to get out there.
So on went my wellies, waterproofs & layers. I took my puppy friend Pudding like last Saturday & took some similar photos to share them with you because I couldn't believe the difference. You'll find the photos at the end again.
Basically what I'm saying is you've just got to keep at it (whatever it may be for you), whether it be applying for jobs & you keep getting knocked back, trying to achieve a better physical or mental health, whatever it is. Your going to have knock backs but all that matters is that you get back up again & again & again & again..I'm sure you get the idea. 
You've just got to come back up fighting. Remember guys to achieve your goals, you just got to keep at it, one step at a time, rain or shine!
 - Anna ♥


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