Never judge a book by it's cover..

In terms of books I always judge it by it's cover, whatever catches my eye is usually the books I'll check out. But I guess that is as a selling point to grab people's attention & make them interested..anyway this post isn't actually about books.
It's about people, basically you shouldn't judge someone just by looking at them. We have all been guilty of this at some point or other, I used to do it but now on my adventures with anxiety & panic..they have opened my eyes more & taught me that so many people are suffering on the inside. This thought has come across my mind at some certain points that have stuck in my head. The first time was when my friend was telling me about when her family were all at the hospital when her mum passed away & afterwards they had called at the supermarket to pick up some tea. She felt a weird feeling that nobody at all actually knew what had just happened to them as a family, they just looked like everybody else doing their shopping.
Then more recently, last week my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer & the next day I went shopping with my grandma to get a few bits & bobs. As we walked around I couldn't help but think what other people could be going through. A lot of people in the small town where I live in always speak when they see you.
Just the usual "how are you?" "fine thanks,how are you?" "good,I'm good thanks"....But really are they fine or good?
So just because someone looks fine on the outside, doesn't mean they are on the inside. I've heard a few people being told their too pretty to suffer with a mental illness, or the classic "you look fine, there's nothing wrong with you". Mental health does also come with physical symptoms, which a lot of us admittedly mistake for a physical illness. So when you see someone from your school or work looking completely fine on the outside & your thinking "why are they having time off there's nothing wrong with them". Just stop for a minute & think. It could have taken them weeks to get out of the house & they could be petrified. They could have been a victim of an attack & too scared to open up to someone about it..They could be caring for a parent or sibling..
They could be a victim of abuse.. The boy you see always wearing a jumper all year round could be hiding cuts, scars & bruises because he might be self harming or a victim of violence & daren't ask for help. The girl you see in baggy clothes could be hiding an eating disorder & doesn't know where to turn for help. The people you see online on Twitter or Facebook & you think "oh well their well enough to be online". Just think these people are using these sites to communicate with others in similar situations to feel less alone & isolated. These websites are instead of socializing at clubs/parks/events/parties..anywhere. So before you go to make a remark just stop right there....
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- Anna ♥

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