Diving in..

Diving into the blogging world on Blogger... I previously took to wordpress to blog, but I have decided to give blogger another go. (I attempted blogger once but was incredibly indecisive as to which one to stick with, so for now I'm going to try my best at blogger.)
After taking to YouTube & watching a video about blogging containing tips & advice by two of my favourite girl youtubers, Zoe & Louise aka Zoella & Sprinkle Of Glitter.. Find the video here if anyone wants to watch it..
I've decided I'm going to take to blogging about a mixture of things...probably whatever I feel like blogging about at the time. It might be some crafty projects, clothing & fashion, health & wellbeing or life in general.
My previous blog was based on my battle with mental health, I think I might copy & paste all the old posts from my old blog over to here..
Anyway that was just a little introduction.

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