Always a way!

In life when we come across a mountain to climb, a hurdle to jump, a challenge to complete, a puzzle to solve or an enemy to defeat.
Always remember there will be a way to solve the problem/situation at hand.
Sometimes we just need to remain calm & take a step back to be able to fully analyse the situation.
 Since no two people are exactly the same, not everything will work for us all.
It really is a case of trial & error to eliminate the ways that don't work for us.
When I went to my initial assessment appointment this week I was thinking I was going to be told I was going to have to go through the same procedure as last time..turns out CBT is actually broken into sections. The cognitive side, which is the thoughts side & then the behavioural side, which is obviously our behaviour. Last time I had the behavioural side which I didn't feel was long enough treatment time, turns out that is just short anyway. But this time round I'm having the cognitive treatment, which turns out is a lengthy procedure..which will hopefully have a lasting effect.
So to you who are reading this & feel close to giving up & loosing hope, please don't.
Keep on fighting, if one way isn't working for you try a different way.
If you feel like your just bothering your doctor & wasting their time..think again.
They are there to help & support you.
If you don't tell them your finding something difficult how will they find out otherwise?
If you don't feel you're getting the support from your doctor/therapist/counsellor don't be afraid to swap..your life is important & we all deserve the right to live!
 Keep positive guys, things will get better!
- Anna ♥
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