Love yourself ♥

I'm well aware this might come across as a bit of a cheesy post, but hey ho nevermind..I'm doing it anyway! So many of us genuinely don't love ourselves, whether it be enough or actually not at all.
 I personally have learnt to accept myself for me. I would go as far as saying I love myself.
Loving yourself doesn't necessarily mean your vain.
Loving yourself comes from within, within your mind.
 During school when I was bullied/singled out for various things I don't think it affected the way I thought about myself.. People were mean about my teeth, just because they were different (so pretty much the main reason people choose to bully is because something is different)..
I still don't have perfect teeth but I have just learnt that really that is just part of me & I wouldn't look the same me as I'm used to. All the way through school I never actually smiled on my be honest I look really I've learnt to just smileeeee! 
 I also got bullied/singled out for the size of my forehead, does that bother me? Not at all, I still push all my hair back & whack it up in a bobble so I feel more fresh faced & wide awake!
When people made remark to how skinny I was, did that bother me?
No, it literally went in one ear & out the other. Why should I be bothered if I was skinny or not, I was healthy & that's all that mattered to me..Maybe I was skinny because I absolutely loved doing sport, where most girls are usually like "urgh,not this again..I don't want to do that, do we have to go outside?". People also felt the need to embarrass me so I'd go bright red & then felt the need to go "oh my god,why are you bright red?"..which obviously then led to me going even redder.
Was there anything I could do about going bright red & embarrassed? No, so I just accepted that was part of who I am!
Lets be honest, if you just accept yourself for who you are, life might just become that little bit easier (no promises there though, sorry guys).
 Everyone has flaws & I'm pretty sure we'd all like to change something about ourselves. I'm pretty sure all the people on TV, in films & in papers/magazines would too. They are only human after all, just like me & you.. ok, maybe they have a little bit more money but nevermind..
Money isn't everything. So lets all start to love ourselves, flaws & all!
- Anna ♥
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