Remember to look after yourself too..

In life there will be various times when you have to help, look after & care for other people.
They could be affected in different ways, for example it might be their health & they could become unable to do their usual tasks during the day.

Hopefully we have all been brought into this world & been cared for properly.
Our parents bring us into this world, bring us up, love us, protect & care for us, put food in our tummies, provide clean clothes for us to wear, a nice warm bed to sleep in at night...the list goes on really!
At some point or other the roles are switched & we have to care for them..

But remember you also have to look after yourself too!

Here are a few of my tips on how to look after yourself whilst also looking after someone else.

- Get outdoors .. Usually if you are caring for someone you will probably be stuck indoors the majority of the time. So make sure you try & get yourself both outside & get some fresh air.

- Relax, remain calm & breathe .. It can get stressful so when it does all build up, just go to one side & concentrate on your breathing. Inhaling for 7 seconds, exhaling for 11 seconds is a good technique I use & calms me down.

- Don't forget to have some you time .. It can be anything from having a nice bubble bath, listening to your favourite album, doing some crafts, reading your favourite magazine/newspaper, popping to the shops, popping round to a friends house, having a phone call with a family member or a friend, whatever you enjoy doing to relax.

- Anna


  1. This is so true. I really like your blog, it's really honest and open xxx

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. Thank you Cate :) I'm going to be sure to check your blog out soon! xxx

  2. Such a lovely post! I'm really enjoying reading you blog! Keep up the good work honey!


    1. Thank you Rachel, I actually came across your blog earlier & really enjoyed what I saw.. I shall be sure to give you a follow :) xxx